Intro to Eclipse RCP

This document explains how to build an RCP Application with
Eclipse Juno.

  1. Intro to Eclipse RCP
  2. IDE Setup
  3. Build an empty RCP
  4. Launch RCP
    application from plugin.xml

IDE Setup

Download eclipse-rcp-juno, or add the eclipse
RCP features
to your Eclipse Juno IDE.

Build an empty RCP Application

Build plugin project opening the wizard.
From menu File
> New > Project > Plug-in
or with Hotkeys: CTRL + N > Plug-in

The Wizard starts; and you see the 1 st page.

Fill the Project Name Field with
“rcp.intro.first”. By default it gives the name to the
project folder.

Click Next , and enter the 2 nd page.

Fill ID, Version, Name
and Activator Fields; then select Yes
in the .. rich client application ? Radio

in Properties

  • id : eclipse plugin id, like a package name
  • name: human readable name

  • activator: full class name for the Activator

  • Rich Client Application: yes, to create a RCP

Click Next, and enter the 3 rd page.

Choose the Hello RCP Template

Click Next, and enter the 4 th page.

Click Finish. this opens the plugin.xml page.

Launch RCP application
from plugin.xml

In the plugin.xml page, you can edit plugin details.

Look at Overview Tab

inside it you see the General Information Group, in which you
can change: ID, version, name, activator.

Click on Launch an Eclipse Application, to test the application