The JSP Standard Taglibrary (JSTL) encapsulates as simple tags, several core functionalities common to many JSP applications. For example it contains tags for store / display variables, make iterations, XML manipulation, Input / Output, and so on.

This post explain how to setup a page with JSTL and make some examples for common tags.

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OO Javascript

This document contains some hints on how to use for object oriented programming. jQuery snippets

Some snippets of code showing how to use jQuery

// return true if the element is an input $(‘#elementId’).is(‘input’); // get the name of the tag $(‘#elementId’).get(0).tagName Plain Object Definition

simple example: define an object in javascript [link_01]

This sample [...]

Wordpress First Steps

This article introduce WordPress, and give a quick summary on installation and rapid site setup with some useful plugins. At the end there is a list of sites for themes review.


WordPress (WP) is an Open Source Content Management System (CMS), powered by PHP and MySQL. It was Born as a Weblog (blog) [...]