myBatis Java

This article introduces mybatis java (iBatis 3 for java) and summarizes its configurationand usage. The article also give suggestions and conclusions on mybatis usage.


The iBATIS Data Mapper (born in 2002) is a framework that introduces SQL Mapping approach to persistence layer development. The iBATIS name and code was donated to the Apache [...]


Some PL/SQL snippets of code

backup and recovery of a table interactive input with & find keys referencing your table group and count list column names list available tables in a schema Backup and recovery of a table

First create a backup copy of your table

backup create table MY_TABLE_BACK AS select * from MY_TABLE [...]


This article introduce HSQLDB, and give a summary,launching ad some usage examples.


HSQLDB (HyperSQL Database) is a relational DB engine written in Java. It offers a fast, small Database engine which offers both in-memory and disk-based tables. Additionally, it include tools like a minimal web server HSQLDB is currently being used as database [...]