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This article introduce wordpress for business users, focusing on those themes:


Blogging began very much as an exercise in personal publishing. The majority of blogs take the form of a personal journal, which no implicit business agenda. However many ‘personal’ bloggers have found ways to monetize their activity; there is now a growing breed of ‘professional bloggers’, who derive much, in not at all of their income from blogging.

With politicians and influential journalists playing an active role in the blogosphere, it wasn’t long until the business community recognize the potential benefits of blogging. Today business blogging is commonplace with more and more web users expecting to see a ‘Blog’ on company home pages.

we can see three types of Blog: Personal Weblog, Political Weblog and Business Weblog.

Business Weblog

Key of success for a blog is having a clear vision of what you want it to do for you. This is calledblogging strategy. Once it’s clear in your mind, you can start to set concrete tactical goals for your blog.

weblogs can be a very inexpensive form of marketing – you can get a lot of value for a relatively small investment.

Some common strategic goals of business blogging: increase sales; add value to product and services; open dialog with your customers; raise awareness of your company, product and services; demonstrate your knowledge and expertise; to provide customer service and support; to improve public relations (media, reputation, crisis, and so on); to drive traffic to your other websites; to give some personality to your corporate image.,

You can have several of these strategic goals in mind for your blog. Your blog can achieve one or a combination of these.

Categorization of Business Weblogs

By understanting what your tactical goals are, you can probably detrmine what type of blog you should have.

  • Product weblogs - strategic goals: increase sales and add value
  • Corporate or Company weblogs – strategic goals: several strategic goals
  • News weblogs – strategic goals: showing expertise and adding personality (increasing sales)
  • Expert weblogs – strategic goals: raising awareness of the expert’s business activities; demonstrating knowledge and expertise and driving traffic to the expert’s other websites.

useful tools:

  • contact form 7: have a simple CAPTCHA contact form on your WordPress blog
  • google XML sitemaps: help search engine to better index your blog
  • SEO Super Super Comments: create a new dynamic page for each comment
  • gain competitive edge with a well polished weblog

for who start a business blog using WordPress.