OO Javascript

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This document contains some hints on how to use for object oriented programming.

jQuery snippets

Some snippets of code showing how to use jQuery

// return true if the element is an input
// get the name of the tag

Plain Object Definition

simple example: define an object in javascript [link_01]

This sample show how to define and use an object in javascript.
First the object is created, like a function; then we add a constructor and a method using the prototype property.

// define Object as a function
function StringBuffer(){
  this.buffer = [];
// add a constructor with one string parameter
StringBuffer.prototype.append = function append(string){
  return this;
// add one method to the object
StringBuffer.prototype.toString = function toString(){
  return this.buffer.join('');

Now we can instantiate the object and use its data and methods.

// new instance
var buf = new StringBuffer();
// use the instance