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Welcome to my (we)blog. I’m Patrik Suzzi, a Java Software Engineer with an A-grade MSc in Computer Science Engineering; 8+ years of working experience in Java Development and expert knowledge of Eclipse plug-in development.

When I think of my achievements, my mind often goes to the first big thing I did, in 2006, at the University of Bologna. I developed a desktop application to support Computer Science Engineering students in graphical design of cryptographic systems. The application – developed with Java; Eclipse RCP and GEF – was the core of my master thesis, it allowed me to work for 6 months at University; and it was used as topic for an academic paper.

In 2007, after University, I worked for 5 years as a Consultant Software Engineer for multiple clients in different sectors such as: Credit/Finance; Banking; Healthcare and IT Services. Within this period I advanced my experience in Web Applications, Service Oriented Architectures and Workflow Systems, working mainly with Java/J2EE and a minor experience in C#/.NET

In 2012 I relocated abroad to start working as R&D Software Engineer to develop a suite of Eclipse-based applications for a big organization in the Oil and Gas industry. During this time I further developed my skills in Eclipse RCP applications design and I improved my English communication skills due to the multicultural and distributed environment I was working in.

Currently I live and work in the Netherlands and I spend part of my free time learning and improving my skills through working on Eclipse Open Source projects and writing on my weblog.
See my Git contributions – https://git.eclipse.org/r/#/q/owner:”Patrik+Suzzi” .

Some of the goals which I would like to achieve in the future are:
- Design a “best-practices” workflow system.
- Being a Committer for Eclipse Platform UI and GEF projects.
- Write technical articles / books on software development.

Top Skills: Eclipse RCP, Java EE, UML, XML, JavaScript, Software Engineering, JSP, SQL, Web Services

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